The McKenty Brothers


The McKenty Brothers are a multi-instrumentalist duo from Canada's west coast with a boisterous repertoire of Canadian and Irish fiddle tunes, acoustic covers, and original folk songs. Their robust vocal harmonies and sweet lyrics are accompanied by fiddles, guitar, banjo, cello, and keyboard.


Here is a collection of live recordings captured on the road, at home, and in the studio. Some of them include friends and family, and some are a simple violin and cello. We have not published an album yet but feel free to contact us if you'd like a copy of these recordings, and we'll happily send them to you free of charge.

Liberty Twostep
Skrapland Schottis
Opens Up
Shooting Starlight
Good Folk Rock


Shooting Starlight
Celestial Sphere


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The McKenty Brothers PO BOX 241 Mansons Landing, B.C, Canada. V0P 1K0 Phone:   250 516 3721